Launching in Australia in 2024

Australia, it's time to give a damn about your hosting.

Introducing Greeen. A sustainable solution to an overlooked problem. 💻 🔥 🌳

We're changing the digital landscape and the physical one.🌳

It’s high time we branch out and make a solid effort to save our planet. It’s as simple as planting a tree.

At Greeen, we’re not just monkeying around with carbon credits or offsetting shenanigans. Nope! We’ve teamed up with the fantastic Fifteen Trees, and every time a renewal pops up, we plant a tree. Pretty cool, right? 

Hosting with more bark 🌳 and a lot less bite! 🌍

Stay greeen and stay notified.

Greeen will be launching in 2024, keep in the loop for launch details. 🚀

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